Larry Smith (Vocals)

Larry Smith has been a member of Thirty 6 Red for over 9 years, but has been singing in several different groups and bands since he was 10 years old. Larry began his career as a vocalist at a Local Boys and Girls Club, where he traveled to nearby nursing homes and hospitals to perform. His love for performing continued to grow as he entered Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, where he studied vocal performance, and also learned to play the piano and the drums. Larry enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, ranging from Southern Gospel to Hip Hop and from R&B to Barbershop Groups. Larry loves being a part of Thirty 6 Red, and always has a blast performing. In particular, he loves that Thirty 6 Red never fails to put on a show that the crowd will enjoy and have a good time watching. As much as Larry loves performing at venues such as Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill and outdoor venues, his favorite event without a doubt is the Annual Izzy Gala in Providence, Rhode Island.